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                            1. About the Roller Network

                              The Roller Network was originally created to address the needs of small and medium businesses and technically savvy customers. Most companies treat mail services as an afterthought - just another service in their lineup - or focus on large corporations. The Roller Network was the first mail service provider to break from the per-domain or per-user pricing scheme and offer single price points - there are no hidden fees. We're also one of the first to offer IPv6 enabled hosted mail services. Later expansions saw the introduction of colocation, metro Ethernet, and wireless broadband for businesses as extensions of our facility.

                              3d开奖112前后关系Roller Network strives to provide a high level of service in operating our own facility: power distribution, backup generator, site controls, switching, and routing. If something is not quite right, we can fix it. If you have a question, we can answer it. If we need something new, we can do it. We diversify our fiber access with multiple physical and logical providers with independent paths. We employ parallel/redundant UPS systems with A and B distribution panels. Our generator is an automatic diesel exercised on load twice a month, proving its availability. Our cooling systems are redundant with an environmentally friendly air-side economizer system. But if there is a problem - since no system is perfect - we believe in transparency during the resolution process.

                              A Brief History

                              Roller Network was founded in 2004 by Seth Mattinen, then a Computer Science student at the University of Nevada, Reno as a side project away from analyzing algorithms. Originally the service was started as "free for all" backup mail service. As the number of features grew, donations (then paid upgrades) were required to access new features. When the customer base continued to grow through word of mouth to the point where donations simply weren't keeping up with demand, the free model was discontinued in December 2007. Today, Roller Network is home to thousands of mail and DNS domains with a focus on leaving as much control as possible in the hands of the customer.

                              In Fall of 2009 we left our longtime home in Sparks, NV and sought to build Northern Nevada's premiere independent facility-centric colocation datacenter in Reno, NV. Since the beginning our mail services were self hosted due to a void of local hosting options, so we elected to create our own and eventually opened it to the public. With our current colocation facility Roller Network can offer a wider range of professional services that weren't traditionally found in Northern Nevada. Our facility is designed to focus on the equipment first and foremost. Most recently in 2010 we've extended our network to the Truckee Meadows through a handful of sites via microwave. From these sites we've been able to offer Metro Ethernet and wireless broadband for businesses.

                              Our location, Reno, NV:

                              Reno is about a 2 hour drive from Sacramento, 4 hours from San Francisco, and 8 hours from Las Vegas. We're close enough to California to tie into communications infrastructure without being affected by events such as the 2000-2001 California electricity crisis or the 1996 Western North-America summer blackouts, and we're safely away from high-risk California earthquakes, making Roller Network the perfect location for a disater recovery or backup site. Reno is also home to . In 2012 selected a rural site between Fernley and Reno as the location for one of its private datacenters.

                              About Our Facilities

                              NPA NXX775 853 (Reno, Nevada)
                              BuildingSingle story light industrial, constructed in 1997.
                              LoadingGrade level drive-up with staging area and pallet jack.
                              Cardboard recycling available on site.
                              Roof SpaceAvailable. Visibility to all four major relay sites: Red Peak, Peavine Peak, Mount Rose (Slide Mountain), and McClellan Peak.
                              ParkingAmple free parking on site (private lot).
                              Meet Me RoomHurricane Electric, AT&T, Verizon Business, Charter Communications, Tahoe Internet Exchange
                              AT&T OC12 UPSR Ring
                              Flooring13-inch fiber reinforced concrete slab with composite tile.
                              Site SecuritySecurity card access and camera systems. Monitored alarms. Site access by supervision only.
                              Equipment SeparationSeparately accessed locations for server suites, UPS/electrical equipment, telco equipment, and indoor generator.

                              Roller Network

                              © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                              All rights reserved

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