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                          1. Colocation Services

                            Roller Network is Northern Nevada's premier local carrier neutral colocation datacenter in Reno, Nevada. We're conveniently located within Reno city limits minutes from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and I-580/US395 highway corridor south of I-80. Visit us to see why Roller Network is a competitive, convienent choice for colocation in Northern Nevada. Call us today at 775-284-0383 or email sales@66asuym.icu.

                            Server Room

                            Full (42U) or half (20U) rack space:

                            • Dedicated 4-post enclosed cabinet rack space.
                            • 24-hour site access.
                            • Typical pricing is $949 per month for full racks and $449 for half racks.
                            • Includes Gigabit or 100Mbps of Basic Bandwidth.

                            Shared rack space:

                            • 4-post rack space up to 10U in an enclosed cabinet.
                            • Business hours escorted site access.
                            • Pricing starts at $99 per month and includes 1A@208V and 50Mbps of Basic Bandwidth.

                              Colocation services offer:

                              • Cross connects to providers in a carrier neutral facility.
                              • Facility-wide UPS and standby generator.
                              • Aggressive service level agreements.

                                Shared Rack Space

                                3d开奖112前后关系Shared rack space is available between 1U and 10U for colocation solutions that only require a small amount of equipment in simple configurations. Rack space is four-post, square hole in enclosed cabinets with doors (solid sides/top, vented front/rear). Shelf space is also available (4U minimum).

                                Full and Half Rack Space

                                Full and half rack space is available for standard colocation solutions. Half racks share a top/bottom split rack of 20U each while full racks are 42U. All PDUs for full and half rack colocations are individually breakered and metered.3d开奖112前后关系 Rack space is four-post, square hole in enclosed cabinets with doors (solid sides/top, vented front/rear).

                                Facility Wide UPS

                                Facility-Wide UPS and Standby Generator Protection

                                All critical load power in our facility is protected by a facility-scale double online UPS system and automatic standby diesel generator. Our facility UPS has preventative maintenance visits every year under a service contract. Our customers never need to provide or maintain their own power. Our generator is exercised on load bi-weekly for one hour, offering our facility with an exceptional level of demonstrated reliability.

                                208V Power and Advantage

                                208V AC power is standard in our facility, allowing us to deliver more usable power to your equipment with greater efficiency. Modern power supplies can operate with over 90% efficiency at 208V. Three phase power is standard for all full rack colocations.

                                Carrier Neutral Cross Connects

                                Telco Fiber Room

                                As a neutral facility our customers may choose to order circuits from any of the following colocated carriers or internet service providers through a cross connect between the meet-me room (MMR) and the colocation space.

                                • AT&T
                                • Hurricane Electric
                                • Verizon Business
                                • Spectrum Business
                                • Roller Network
                                • One Wilshire in Los Angeles
                                • TahoeIX Peering Fabric (see )

                                Site Amenities

                                • Worktable and workroom outside of colocation space.
                                • Guest wireless and wired access.
                                • Standard keyboard, video, and mouse cart.
                                • IP KVMs for convenient remote work.
                                • Loading and staging utility area with staff supervision.

                                The photographs on this page are not stock photos; they are of operating Roller Network equipment.

                                Roller Network

                                © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                                All rights reserved

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