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                            1. DNS Services - Primary and Secondary

                              DNS services are part of our Mail Service packages. For pricing information see the Roller Network Mail Services page. All Roller Network DNS Services are IPv6 enabled with IPv6 glue records. DNS services on paid accounts is generally offered without usage brackets, however, we reserve the right to add restrictions in the future or disable DNS zones that are determined to be using a disproportionate share of resources.

                              Primary DNS Service with Dynamic DNS

                              Our Primary DNS service supports all common (plus others such as NAPTR, SRV, SSHFP, ) record types, has AXFR support, TSIG support, and zone template options. A simple HTTP-based Dynamic DNS component is also included, however it is not stand alone and requires that you already have your own domain name. ()

                              Secondary DNS Service

                              Secondary DNS service is useful if you're running your own DNS server and need a backup outside of your network. Our server acts as a slave to your server, loading zone files as you change them. You must already have your own DNS server to utilize this service. Our Secondary DNS also supports advanced features like DNSSEC. ()

                              Roller Network

                              © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                              All rights reserved

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