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                      • Metro Ethernet Service

                        Basic Gigabit Internet Access

                        3d开奖112前后关系1000x1000 Gigabit service is available for $150/mo with a $350 setup fee to neighboring buildings from our colocation facility at the corner of Longley Lane and Airway Drive in Reno. Gigabit service includes one static IPv4 address (/30 subnet) and IPv6 subnet (DHCPv6 PD).

                        3d开奖112前后关系Please contact us at 775-284-0383 or sales@66asuym.icu with your address to verify if your location qualifies for Basic Gigabit Internet Access.

                        Metro Ethernet Service

                        3d开奖112前后关系Roller Network Metro Ethernet services are available at the commercial properties listed below.

                        Longley Business Park (Reno)

                        100x100 Metro Ethernet Access is $50/mo and includes one static3d开奖112前后关系 IPv4 address (/30 subnet) and IPv6 subnet (DHCPv6 PD).

                        • 3545 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
                        • 3555 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
                        • 3595 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
                        • 3515 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511

                        Contact  for leasing information.

                        Tampa Industrial Park (Reno)

                        100x100 Metro Ethernet Access is $50/mo and includes one static IPv4 address (/30 subnet) and IPv6 subnet (DHCPv6 PD).

                          • 2400 Tampa Street, Reno, 89512

                          3d开奖112前后关系Contact  for leasing information.

                          3d开奖112前后关系If you own or manage a property and would like to bring Roller Network Metro Ethernet services to your tenants, please contact us at 775-284-0383 or by email to sales@66asuym.icu for more information. Metro Ethernet is a great way to differentiate your property and attract new tenants.

                          Roller Network

                          © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                          3d开奖112前后关系All rights reserved

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