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                      1. Roller Network BGP Policy

                        3d开奖112前后关系BGP is supported for both IPv4 and IPv6 neighbors. Our minimum accepted and carried prefix lengths are /24 in IPv4 and /48 in IPv6. MD5 passwords are optional. Selecting full routes, customer/peer routes, or default route only is available

                        Your neighbor configuration will have a prefix-list or distribute-list applied to limit announcements into our network; please submit an updated BGP form to support@66asuym.icu for changes to your neighbor filters.

                        3d开奖112前后关系We support BGP community strings. By tagging your announcements with specific communities you can dynamically change certain BGP parameters within our network.

                        Setting the Local Preference

                        Customer routes will have a default localpref of 120. Routes learned from peers will have a localpref of 110. All other prefixes (such as transit) will have a default localpref of 100. This will always prefer directly connected prefixes those learned externally. Setting localpref below 100 may cause an externally learned prefix to be chosen. Use only one of the following communities:

                        Community   Action
                        11170:90 Set localpref to 90
                        11170:100 Set localpref to 100 (default)
                        11170:110 Set localpref to 110 (peer default)
                        11170:120 Set localpref to 120 (customer default)
                        11170:130 Set localpref to 130

                        Suppressing Announcements

                        BGP announcements to one or more of our peers or transit providers can be suppressed without withdrawing the route from AS11170. The well known community "no-export" is also accepted. One or more of the following communities may be used:

                        Community   Action
                        65100:7018 Do not advertise to AS7018
                        65100:20115 Do not advertise to AS20115
                        no-export Do not advertise to any

                        AS Path Prepending

                        We accept AS path prepending, although parameters such as localpref will take precedence over prepends when computing the best path. We recommend incorporating BGP communities into your routing plan to effect route selection.


                        Roller Network is not responsible for routing outages, withdrawn announcements, or loss of connectivity due to a misapplication of BGP communities. Please contact us for assistance if you are new to BGP or using BGP communities.

                        Roller Network

                        © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                        3d开奖112前后关系All rights reserved

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