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                        • Roller Network Reseller Program

                          3d开奖112前后关系Roller Network reseller accounts and independent reseller agreements are generally similar to standalone accounts with a few exceptions. Our reseller program is intended as a value-added service for the reseller's business - this is not a rebranding, white box, or multi-level resale program. Accounts created under a reseller account are considered "sub-accounts" and the reseller account that owns them is the "parent" or "master" account.

                          • Billing for resellers is grouped under a parent account; the reseller's parent account must be of type "Standard" or higher or have established an independent reseller agreement with Roller Network.
                          • All services will be invoiced at their monthly recurring charge. A minimum purchase or volume commitment may be required.
                          • The reseller assumes responsibility for their customers as the administrative, technical, or billing contact, and in all policy matters.
                          • Once a reseller has exhausted their support options or requires escalation to resolve an issue they may open a ticket with Roller Network.
                          • Sub-accounts created by a reseller will not have access to the "My Account" section of the Account Control Center.
                          • If a sub-account or customer of a reseller violates an operational policy, the reseller will be notified and be required to take action.
                          • Resellers may not resell to other resellers or multi-level distributors.
                          • Services may be offered at a discounted rate for resale to reseller's customers only.

                          3d开奖112前后关系All parent accounts, sub-accounts, and resold services are subject to the same operational policies as any standalone Roller Network account.

                          Contact us3d开奖112前后关系 with any questions regarding this policy.

                          Last Updated: 1/23/2013

                          Roller Network

                          © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                          All rights reserved

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