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                          • Roller Network Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Colocation Services

                            Effective September 2016 all new colocation, access (including transit and metro ethernet), and transport customers will be presented with terms and conditions in a signed Master Service Agreement which supersedes the terms and conditions shown below. Customers that have not signed a Master Service Agreement will continue to be subject to the terms and conditions shown below.

                            Committed rate bandwidth is provided with the following SLA: 1) sufficient internal network capacity to meet the contracted rate; 2) sufficient transit capacity between AS11170 and its providers to meet the contracted rate; 3) ticket response SLA; 4) 24x7 network availability. Burstable maximum may vary. Appropriate remediation and troubleshooting is required before an SLA credit may be requested. The sole remedy shall be a service credit of up to 1.50 per megabit per day of unavailable committed rate bandwidth for the current billing period. May not be combined with other SLA credits.

                            Power to colocated equipment is provided with the following SLA: In the event of a documented failure to deliver power to colocated equipment lasting more than fifteen (15) consecutive minutes or more than one (1) interruption per calendar month, the sole remedy shall be a service credit up to 150% of the power fees for the current billing period. Must comply with the current version of the National Electric Code to be eligible. May not be combined with other SLA credits.

                            Ticket response is provided with the following SLA when purchased with a qualifying service: Roller Network will respond to a service ticket request within two (2) hours of its creation time as noted by our internal ticket tracking system during regular hours. Tickets may be opened by email to support@66asuym.icu or by phone at +1.7752840383. If the two hour window is exceeded, the sole remedy shall be a service credit of 2% for every fifteen (15) minutes delay for the current billing period.

                            Site access is available by escort only 24 hours a day: Roller Network will grant access to authorized personnel no more than 45 minutes after being notified of a required site visit. Emergency requests must be opened by calling the NOC Hotline number indicated in your account welcome sheet or listed in the account control center. If the 45 minute window is exceeded, the sole remedy shall be a service credit of 4% for every fifteen (15) minutes delay for the current billing period. (For security and safety reasons we do not permit unattended access at any time.)

                            3d开奖112前后关系Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance with notification are exempt. SLA credits are issued as an invoice adjustment within sixty (60) days of approval. Accounts with a past due or disputed balance, or policy violations are not eligible. Credits must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days of the incident.

                            Last Updated: 5/16/2013

                            Roller Network

                            © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                            All rights reserved

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