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                        1. Legal Process Policy

                          Roller Network will respond with reasonable promptness to subpoenas or court orders in writing by fax at +1.7752840836 with a copy by certified mail to 3545 Airway Drive Suite 114, Reno, NV 89511. Requests by email will not be accepted. Each request will be evaluated individually.

                          An administrative processing fee of $300 plus an hourly rate of $195/hr will be assessed to respond to the request. Roller Network may require the requesting party to pay the standard hourly rate of $95/hr for additional engineering or technical support. Roller Network will also charge additional amounts for requests that require extra resources such as photocopying, third party services (legal or otherwise) plus other applicable expenses.

                          Customer Notification

                          It is our policy is to notify all customers upon receipt of a civil 3d开奖112前后关系subpoena with a reasonable waiting period prior to disclosure of information requested in the subpoena. Criminal subpoenas are subject to the same notification policy unless a sealed order is obtained.

                          Last Updated: 6/12/2013

                          Roller Network

                          © 2003-2011 Roller Network, LLC.
                          All rights reserved

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